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Each summer since 2006, artists live and work in Askeaton.

To see new artworks made in Askeaton during 2016,

including Fiona Reilly's Inaccurate Time (below), please click HERE





Throughout 2016 Askeaton Contemporary Arts presents The Askeaton Commune, a series of new commissions to coincide with the centenary of the Easter Rising and the founding of the Irish State. The programme aims to emphasise the pursuit of cultural equality and egalitarianism within the social infrastructures we now inhabit, prioritising the role of the individual ahead of the constructed notions of contemporary statehood. The commune is a model we aim to adopt - an intentional community of people living and working together, sharing common interests and resources.


Alan Counihan works with local factory Kingspan, while Jorge Satorre plans an artwork for the town along with Irish Times cartoonist Martyn Turner. John Carson and Nick Davies revisit Carson’s seminal 1978 artwork A Bottle of Stout in Every Pub in Buncrana. Filip Van Dingenen’s journey into the byways and highways of geography will focus on Limerick’s now forgotten seaweed harvesting traditions. Liz Ryan’s research into folk art practices in the region will continue to yield enlightening discoveries, and Catalina Lozano’s investigations of the roles of colonialism in the everyday will find new resonances.









Seanie Barron


Seanie roams around Askeaton, looking for branches and wood left in a field or underneath a bush to shape into a walking stick or sculpture. These creations often take on surreal forms referencing seahorses, aliens, weasels, foxes or swimmers. Sometimes they acquire humorous names, such as his Star Wars Man, as seen in the image above and as part of his recent collaboration with Spanish artist Quim Packard. 


Following exhibitions at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin and Flat Time House in London, read his exhibition catalogue with an essay by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes of the University of Amsterdam and an in-depth interview with Seanie Barron and Michele Horrigan.


Download for free here



Summer 2016


As part of Askeaton Contemporary Arts' publishing venture, this collected volume features contributions by Valerie Connor, Mike Cooter, Wayne Daly, Steve Maher, Susan MacWilliam, Curt Riegelnegg, Nuno Sacramento and Freek Wambacq.


Edited by Sean Lynch, Michele Horrigan

and Wayne Daly

52 pages, 250 x 290mm
Purchase for €10 incl. post and packaging



John Carson's A Bottle of Stout in Every Pub in Buncrana




First exhibited at Derry’s Orchard Gallery in 1978, John Carson’s A Bottle of Stout in Every Pub in Buncrana has since become a fabled artwork. Did Carson manage to drink in all of Buncrana’s 22 bars in just one day? Did he succeed in persuading Guinness to sponsor this endeavour? These are questions still asked, as rumours of his pubcrawl as art still abound.

Askeaton Contemporary Arts are delighted to reissue Carson’s original artist book, alongside an interview with him and new recollections revealed by Bernie McAnaney, Carson’s guardian on that day. The ethics of marketing and advertising, the goings-on of a small town on the Irish border, and the myth and reality of the sturdy Irish drinker all prominently feature.


Co-designed by London-based Wayne Daly and artist Nick Davies from Cardiff, it is now available for €20 incl. post and packaging.