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Until March 2020, Askeaton Contemporary Arts and IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin collaborate on A Residency Within A Residency, a research project and public programme asking what it means to hold residencies and host engaged artistic practices in locations and situations which offer differing geographical, political, historical and everyday situations, finding models of practice and programming of national and international value, featuring Janice Hough (IMMA), Michele Horrigan (Askeaton Contemporary Arts), Teresa Gleadowe (Cast, Cornwall) and more.

John Hutchinson's Countercultures, Communities and Indra's Net is the latest release from ACA PUBLIC, Askeaton Contemporary Arts' publication venture. Read more about it, and more books available to buy and download, on our publications page.





Videos by: John Carson, Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty, Patrick Hough, Michele Horrigan with Manchan Magan, Janks Archive, Steve Maher, Sean Lynch with Timmy Creed and Gina Moxley


Cagney's Bar

Saturday 9 November from 7pm


Image: John Carson, Head Honcho, 1990



Askeaton Contemporary Arts’ screening programme is conceived as an overview of artists associated with our ongoing artist residency programme. Topics of history, language and art’s role in the creation of public discourse pervasively influence each of six videos. Seminal artworks feature, such as a rare screening of John Carson’s 1990 BBC 2 commission Head Honcho to the Jerwood Prize-winning And If In A Thousand Years by Patrick Hough. Local interest prevails with Michele Horrigan and Manchan Magan’s exploring the Knockfierna fairy hoax of 1938, while Steve Maher searches throughout Askeaton to find illicitly brewed alcohol...

Each summer since 2006, artists live and work in Askeaton as part of the annual Welcome to the Neighbourhood event. See and read more about our programme, including artworks such as Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty's Losing Track: A fan fiction account of Kiefer Sutherland's visit to Askeaton, revolving around the presence of the Hollywood film star in the town, soon after being dumped by Julia Roberts in the 1990s. More recent projects have featured Matt Calderwood, Jonny Lyons, and Lattitudes, all to be seen here

Limerick artist Carl Doran continues to work closely with the Office of Public Works as they continue restoration work on Askeaton’s 12th century castle. Destroyed by Cromwellian forces in 1652, repair works will continue in the next few years to allow for public access to this important site in the middle of Askeaton town. Doran’s project, entitled The Stonebreakers, involves regular public events in partnership with Askeaton Civic Trust and the making of a journal of drawings detailing day-to-day activities at the castle, emphasising the processes, techniques and skills involved in this major conservation project.

During 2017 and 2018 Askeaton Contemporary Arts collaborated with Lismore Castle Arts for The Expanded Field, a series of artist residencies and exhibition featuring new artworks by Stuart Whipps, The Center for Land Use Interpretation, Olivia Plender, The Domestic Godless, Superfolk and Filip Van Dingenen. These artists worked on uninhabited islands, in schoolrooms and quarries and many more places throughout Ireland, with keen research interests and inquisitive stances finding unexpected and rarely explored terrains - everywhere has a story to tell and secrets to divulge. See more here