Gary Coyle’s series of photographs were taken with his mobile phone during his rambles around Askeaton highways and byways. A final selection were displayed in the Civic Trust, showing his interest in humorous and subversive vernacular signage, grafitti and detritus of the area.

Ben Kinsley and Jessica Langley sited five permanent plaques around Askeaton. Each piece is based on hand-drawn maps by local residents as directions to their favourite places, that are then translated to engravings on granite tablets, in the process making the everyday monumental.

Benjamin de Burca investigated 19th century naturalist and illustrator John James Audubon through a new animation work, photography and a series of interventions sited in Askeaton.

Sam Jury’s new video details a subtle subjectivity around a series of industrial environments in the Askeaton area including wind farms and corporate office spaces, each encountered and recorded during her residency.