Daly & Lyon:
2021 ACA tote bag

Daly & Lyon’s tote bag for Askeaton Contemporary Arts is a mediation on the ever-changing nature of place and language, and a reminder to us all of the passing of time. Through careful examination into the annals of local history, Wayne Daly found over thirty names adopted over the centuries to describe the town today known as Askeaton. We know that ‘Eas caed tinne’ translates as ‘one hundred fires’, while ‘Eas Geitine’ derives its name from a tribe called the Geiphtine who settled here in ancient history. Their chieftain, Gared, had in his earlier days fought alongside Finn McCool. Yet, there is much we’ll never know, from ‘Imkesti’ to ‘Escloon’, and ‘Yneskitun’ to ‘Ashiodon’, the mystery of the life and times of these alternative Askeatons continue to be pondered upon.

Typeface: Resial Regular by Nicolas Bernklau.


480 × 360 mm

Screenprinted cotton body with handles and loop

€12 incl p&p worldwide